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90 day Guaranteed Business credit program

Guaranteed loan of $50k

The Superloanman Corporate Credit Program
We can build you a business credit score that WILL help you establish business credit and financing, regardless of personal credit! Establish Corporate Credit for your Business in the fastest time possible with the industry founder and leader with a proven program.

Yes you can do this and REALIZE it is 100% legal, 100% verified, and with almost 90% of the information out there being old, you will get approved with us if you follow the most comprehensive and researched program available anywhere.

You CAN completely separate yourself from your business and get company credit cards, including Visa and MC business cards, vendor lines of credit, dramatically improve cash flow, and buy or lease cars and buildings without EVER risking your personal credit.

Mystery of Business Credit

If you don't know the answer to any of the questions below, you are among thousands of business owners who are lost in the maze of how to build business credit. We can provide you the answers to the mystery.

Who are the two largest business credit bureaus? What rights does a business owner have for incorrect information on a credit report? What are the business credit scores? What do business lenders look at? Where do you find companies that grant credit? How do you get a company to grant credit? Which companies report to the business credit bureaus? What credit card companies do not require personal guarantees?

Advantages of Having A Business Credit Profile

Just by building a business credit profile you will be able to limit the use of your personal guarantee and build business credit regardless of your personal credit history.

You will have more cash for the business.  Convenience in purchasing.  Protection of your personal assets from that of the business.  Limit your personal liability from the business.  No need for personal credit checks.  Purchase vehicles with no personal guarantees.   Purchase equipment, computers and more with your business credit.  Preparing your business for future lending needs

Separating You From Your Business

You can separate your personal liability and protect your personal assets from that of the business just by incorporating. It is possible to build a business credit profile for a sole proprietorship or partnership however you are still responsible for all the debts of the company. We recommend building your business credit as a corporation or limited liability company. Other advantages of a corporation are:
Separates you from your business.  Limited liability of the owners and officers. Lower tax liability.  100% tax deductible insurance.  Reimburse 100% of medical expenses.  Corporate image.  Raise capital and build credit faster.  Lower your audit risk as a small corporation.  Stock ownership - easier to transfer assets.  Protect Your Personal Assets

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